Welcome to the NNR Journal

OUR CHARTER: To protect and enhance biodiversity and carrying capacity,
and to create a means of sharing an appreciation for and a sense of belonging to Nature.

Introducing the Nature Nooks Retreat Journal!

Yes, you can get a snapshot view of what we are about here at Nature Nooks Retreat from our website, or from our occasional video posts on facebook. But really, we are serious about the Charter that appears at the top of this page, and which will head each entry in this blog, our new journal. While we hope our entries will be entertaining for our visitors – actual, potential and virtual – they will be more in-depth for those who really are interested, and at the same time, they will help us record our progress in being the best stewards to this land that we can be.

We initiated several projects in the last two years – streambank stabilization, STRIPS for sediment and nutrient trapping, establishment of new prairie and a new constructed open wetland/marsh. Those will be covered in some of the first entries, and then we’ll go back in time, a few years to a few decades. We will definitely spice it up with photos, and we’ll alert fb users to new entries with a link on our facebook page (in case you want to like us). We’ll place a hard copy of each entry in our cabins, so folks who are actually here can connect words on a page to the water, the plant life, and the wildlife.

And always, we’ll welcome your comments!